About Paul

Paul describes himself as a "Reagan Republican" in that he believes in limited government and that the individual is responsible for themselves.

In 2004 Paul began a blog; Arenaofideas.org. In the fall of 2005 Paul was asked to join noendbutvictory.com. This cumulated to a trip to Washington, D.C. and the House Republican Conference's "Blog Row" during President Bush's State of the Union address.

In the spring of 2006 Paul would focus his attention back home and reopen Arena of Ideas to expand the topics of discussion and focus on state and local issues during the mid term elections. For that coverage Arena of Ideas recieved numerious highlights and was nominated for a local blog award in the news category.

During the winter of 2006-2007 Paul was asked to joinThe Minority Report and is currently serving as a Senior Contributing Editor.

Paul still cross-posts at RedState.

Places mentioning Paul's writing include RedState (Numerous front page promotions of blog entry), Hot Line, Human Events, Michelle Malkin, National Review Online's "Corner" and the New York Times' "The Caucus" blog.

Paul is also owner and creative director of Alien Media, inc.

Some of his more better known web development works include the Roy Blunt for Congress, Mark Wright for Auditor, Welcome Home, Baldknobbers, Jelly Beans Inc, Mc Cahon Group and 417guns.com websites. Notable Additional broadcast and branding/print projects range from work done with IOGC.Net and Taldren to the "PunkBuster" logo for EvenBalance, inc.

Paul also is a big Bears, Cardinals, Cardinals, Chiefs and Tide fan.

About Chcknhwk

Chcknhwk is a guest blogger who drops by from time to time.

He is a a Master Sergeant in the US Army who recieved a promotion on the battlefield of Fallujah.

Chcknhwk's service goes back to 1995 and is not affiliated with any particular party and runs his own mil blog, a Solider's perspective.

Paul met Chcknhawk at a Blog Row event held in January of 2006. They both blog from time to at Noendbutvictory.com