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Impressions of Gingrich - Romney - Paul - Santorum for 1/19/2011 Debate: Thoughts of wife edition.

Day One post Perry was rough. It wasnt easy to watch Governor Perry withdraw from the race.

Much could be said by simply watching the eyes of his wife - and the kiss between the two - and the tone of Governor Perry’s voice.

Governor Perry is correct that  no one man own conservatism, and that we must all work forward to ensure its advancement, it is clear to mean that he embodies it passionately with clarity and genuineness that no one else left in the race does.

With that in mind I watched the debate last night with my wife and kids. While  side-stepping explaining what an “open marriage” is our children we listened, hoped and prayed for some hint of direction of who to support. We didnt find that direction, unfortunately.

What we did find was a sense of who they are deep down.

My wife, who sees through people far better than I do, was able to put the evening into terms which I thought I might share.  Campaigns reading this blog note: Your work is cut out for you and should take note.

Gingrich: Bully. Words were very sharp and confrontational. Not just with the moderator - but with fellow candidates.

Romney: Out for himself. Didnt answer questions directly. Not sincere.

Paul: Sorta like grandpa. Need someone younger than him to run against Obama.

Santorum: The most genuine man on the stage - but not ready for prime time. Face gets red and too easy to bother. Flustered easily.

I pressed her if she had to vote for someone tonight who would it be.

“Oh, I dont know. If I had to vote for someone it would probably be Santorum,” She waivered.

After thinking about it for a while I can see where she is coming from. I think she is right about a lot of her off the cuff analysis.

Our candidates need a bit more to work on.

I will be watching and listening. Waiting.

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