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Open letter to Newt, Mitt, Ron and the other Rick from Perry supporter.

Let me spell this out as best I can: You want my vote, you are going to have to work for it.

I am mad as the devil at how each one of you treated Gov Perry  (and each other for that matter) during the race.

Being honest: Perry’s character and faith far outshines every single person left in this race. Dont challenge me on that notion. It is the honest to God’s truth.

I understand my candidate endorsed Newt Gingrich. That means little to me.

Nothing about you inspires me as being genuine from the soul conservatives which I wold trust the future of my kids with at this point. Period.

Want my vote? You are going to need to work for it.

Childish back and forths disgust me. I want substance. I want answers.

Lets have a long L-D style “debate” to see what you really believe and how you are able to articulate it.

When I ask a direct question - I want an answer.

Finger waving is a minus.

When the media tries to slip in an Obama talking point as a question - I want it called out for being exactly what it is: a trap - while crushing it (the question) with substance.

Most of all I dont want to be pandered to. I want to be respected and not felt as being bypassed on the way to something you - the candidate- feels entitled to.

Posted by Paul Seale on Thursday, January 19th, 2012 at 12:25 pm. Filed under 2012 elections, Republican, Rick Perry.

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  1. jeremydyoung Says:

    Well, since Governor Perry actually stated in a recent debate that he would take troops back into Iraq, I would guess that you and I differ fairly substantively on foreign policy.

    I’ll go down, and we can see if there’s more that we agree on than we disagree on.

    Jobs -
    Cutting Taxes - I think that Ron Paul may emphasize reducing spending first. He would not want to increase the deficit.
    Repealing Regulations - Ron Paul wants to eliminate entire bureaucracies to reduce regulation
    Balancing the Budget - Ron Paul has a detailed plan to cut the federal budget by one trillion dollars in the first year, and balance it in 3.
    Expanding Domestic Energy Production - Ron Paul wouldn’t want to encourage or discourage any particular industry from the Federal Government. He would want to repeal all subsidies, and eliminate all tax incentives. Those create too many opportunities for corruption.

    Fiscal Responsibility - Ron Paul has been in Washington DC voting against every tax increase, voting against every unbalanced budget, and he even refused to take the Congressional Pension. He also returns a fairly significant portion of his office’s budget to the Treasury each year.

    Security - Ron Paul strongly believes that our interference in other nations, especially the propping up of Dictatorships, the covert bombing of foreign peoples, the occupation of other nations, and overthrow of the governments of other nations (1953, Iran) makes us much less safe. Having served in the Air Force, he understands what our troops go through. He has received more donations than all the other GOP candidates combined from active duty military personnel, according to data on (through 3rd Quarter 2011).

    Healthcare - As a Doctor, who managed to take care of the poor, the under privileged, and many others without accepting Medicare or Medicaid, I would propose that he has a few ideas about fixing the system we have. He’s introduced bills in Congress to make all medical spending tax exempt. He wants patients to be in control of their Health Care, not the Government, or even Government sponsored Insurance Companies. Because of the 3rd party payer system that we have in the Medical Industry, the relationship between Patients and Doctors is damaged. Patients have to have more control over their healthcare, and Doctors should be able to help their patients in the best way they know how without Insurance and Government coming in and wiping out those possibilities. Dr. Paul has said that people need catastrophic major medical insurance policies instead of managed care “Cadillac” policies. This would enable them to be more aware of their costs and improve the level of care they receive because they would be more selective of their doctors and the expenses. So this would be a difference from Governor Perry, who appears to support employer controlled health insurance.

    Social Issues - Dr. Paul is Pro-Life, considers the Abortion issue to be a matter of violence against an innocent life, and should be handled where all other issues of violence and murder are handled — At the State level. Dr. Paul delivered over 4,000 babies, and fully understands that life begins at conception. Dr. Paul has been married to the same woman for over 50 years. He believes that Marriage is an institute of God and the Church, and that the Federal Government shouldn’t have the ability to define Marriage. Ron Paul is endorsed by the Gun Owners of America, the No Compromise gun lobby.

    I somehow doubt I’ll get you to post this on your site, but as someone who has been reading your blog for several years, and has had numerous respectful conversations with you, I would hope that you would consider Dr. Paul again when seeking out which candidate to support.

    If you don’t like what Dr. Paul’s supporters say about him, go back and watch the C-Span footage of what he’s been saying for years on the floors of Congress. You’ll see a man who stands for his principles and is rock solid consistent. You’ll also see a man who happens to be right about many of the things he’s warned Washington DC about over the years.

    In conclusion, I implore you to understand that Dr. Paul is not in favor of an Apologetic or Weak United States of America. He is against us using our power to create and maintain an empire around the world. He doesn’t blame America first. He is in favor of a strong Navy, a strong National Defense, and putting us back on the strongest of economic footings so that we are not weak at our core. We are not in danger of being invaded by a military, or subverted by a religious invasion, we are in danger of being destroyed due to our economic cancer. The Clear and Present Danger of the 21st Century is that our Dollar may collapse, that the world may lose confidence in our fiat currency; that we will stop being able to prop up the fiat currencies in Europe, and that China may stop buying our debt.

    Please, tell me where I have not been substantive, and I will do my best to provide reasoned and honest responses. I believe that there is nothing here that is childish bickering.

    Jeremy D. Young

    Logged at: January 19th, 2012 at 11:12 pm

  2. Paul Seale Says:

    I really appreciate the thoughts and comments on what you posted here.

    I dont think Ive ever not posted one of your comments, Jeremy. In fact I really appreciate your thoughts!

    I will definitely take your points under consideration.

    I also appreciate your readership - especially when its been so sporadic the last few months.

    Logged at: January 20th, 2012 at 10:42 am

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