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What does Blunt stepping aside from the whip position mean for southwest Missouri?

This is a question which most of us should be asking, and it is a question Blunt spokesperson Nick Simpson was kind enough to answer:

For people in the 7th district, it means you have a senior member of Congress, on a very powerful committee who can now focus his full measure on the district. Mr. Blunt first came to the leadership table at the end of his first term and has been there since then — long enough to build serious clout and seniority. That remains the same, basically the 7th district has never had a freshman Congressman in Roy Blunt.

It doesnt mean Roy is stepping down in 2010 to make way for his son Matt to run while he takes a shot at the senate either. Nor is it indicative of some sort of bad omen.

I think Congressman Blunt said it best answering a question of a reporter’s earlier (paraphrasing here) - ten years of listening and trying to get people to switch votes which they dont want to is enough.

It will be good to have Roy back in the district more often and not making runs around the country because of his leadership duties.

Posted by Paul Seale on Thursday, November 6th, 2008 at 4:00 pm. Filed under Congress, Republican, Roy Blunt.

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