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United States Supreme Court upholds Indiana voter ID law

Of course all the whining and gnashing of teeth from those in the Democratic party who willfully incite and participate in voter fraud won’t be happy, but the rest of us in the real world cannot be disappointed in the decision today by the United States Supreme Court to uphold an Indiana voter ID law.

I havent read the decision and dont know much about the precise mechanics of the decision so needless to say I wont comment further at this juncture.

What I will add is that there were numerous cases of voter registration fraud here in Missouri and abroad. To turn a blind eye to this problem would be negelgent.

Do some of the people who claim that poor, elderly voters and minority voters would be unfairly targeted and disenfranchised, have a point? In my opinion no.

I do believe that states requiring IDs should make an ID available free of charge. The catch, of course, is for people to prove how they are via birth certificate and or other documentation. Those kinds of details can be debated.

In the end, however, with thousands of fraudently registered voters filling the rolls there must be a way to verify the voter is who they say they are. Without it such a feature, our democracy will be dead.

Many Democrats understand this and are implimenting far more draconian policies during their current primary to ensure that Republicans do not participate.

My only addition to the conversation would be that there is a strong need to be sure that the law does not go beyond verification of the voter. We must ensure that the voter is able to speak their voice free of intimidation and within the framework established by our founding fathers.

If we leave that framework our democracy again, will be doomed.

Posted by Paul Seale on Monday, April 28th, 2008 at 11:42 am. Filed under 2008 elections, united states supreme court, voter fraud.

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