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Tony Messenger gets it right on RE: McCain and voters.

I posted something a while back on there being a seperation between the party apperatus and grass roots voters. About how there is a seperation between the two. Tuesday bore that result out.

I think Tony Messenger gets this right in his blog entry today and it is a lesson which I think the apperatus needs to stop and think about. I hope they examine the issue before the fall election if we are to have any chance at all.

Now, concerning McCain - the question I have is this: If he does become the GOP nominee, how much will he work to unify the party? I mean really unify it.

By that, I mean will McCain dust off his conservative credentials and try to at least act like he cares about that part of the GOP?

Huckabee’s wins in the south and near victory here in Missouri tell a story which McCain should listen to.

I am not saying McCain should abandon who he is. Like it or not, he is an agent of change who works with the other party in Washington and gotten results. Some of which I strongly disagree with. This is in stark contrast with others who claim the part, but who never delivered results.

Lets be honest, there are some electorial strengths and appeals in his record of working with Democrats, being a budget and defense hawk.

There is a desperate need for McCain to note that, as Reagan noted, government is not the solution - its the problem. Talking up the belief that the best answers come from the people of this great nation and not Washington would go a long way toward minding fense I think.

He can take that major step forward this weekend at CPAC. I hope he does and if so, we are willing to listen.

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