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Cool. Quoted by Slate.

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Yeah, that slate.

Didnt pick up on it until I was taking a short break to look at stats this afternoon and noticed a little boost.

So what exactly did they pick up on? Meh, just my opinion regarding the voter ID decision recently announced by the United States Supreme Court.

So add to the list of New York Times, Michelle Malkin, The Hotline and National Review - Slate.

Back to work - but before I do so - I would note a piece of the SCotUS decision by Stephen Breyer  as quoted in the same article which got my interested. Apparently Florida and other states have less demanding voter ID laws which allow for various different items to be used (like say an employee badge or student ID).

I am intrigued by that threshold level. I would want to agree with him, but then I think about how easy it would be to manufacture a fake. After all, how many college students fake licenses to get drunk on friday night? Do you think someone willing to break the law in the first place and vote fraudulently wouldnt be motivated at least to that level?