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Why should Obama budge on his demands?

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Perhaps one of the more troubling topics I’ve seen discussed over the past two years is the strategy in confronting Democrats and President Obama on various issues.

How can we expect Congress to break the 20 percent approval rating when we demand strategies and results which only come when the GOP has the Presidency, House and Senate - while we only control the House?

Unlike most media narratives we all know the GOP is willing to compromise. Whether it was Sen. Snowe’s vote to allow Obamacare out of committee or the House voting to extend unemployment benefits, there is always the ability to deal.

Yet Democrats refuse to budget. As mad as we may get, given the current circumstances, why should they?

There are a number of reasons of GOP in-fighting. Here are a few anecdotal examples:

  • We expend two to three times as much energy fighting each other and trying to redefine ourselves at critical moments in our nation’s history.
  • While Pelosi reigns absolute for Democrats, Boehner is questioned by grass roots and a significant state of weakness - after retaining a 30 seat margin of victory.
  • Any sort of strategy deemed as not sexy enough to energize the base into a frenzy is blasted as weak.

The last example is perfect, I think, of something we should contemplate.

During the original budget show-down happened I opined that we should be happy to be playing “small-ball” with the federal budget and take the cuts in the budget we could get. While the methodology was unsexy, real cuts were being made. No tax increases were necessary.

The thought was to keep an even keel until we won in 2012 - then “swing for the fences” and tackle real budget reform.

Instead we, the grass roots, fought on and played right into Democrat hands - pressuring our leadership into pushing for some sort of “grand bargain.”

I explicitly stated during that debate, Obama is willing to let things crash so he can sort things out on his terms.

Those words were drowned out and the GOP leadership pressed ahead - thinking that its deal would be sufficient enough to sate us while punting to a select committee who did nothing more than mimic the earlier fight with equally bad result.

This should surprise no one.

It is true that many Republican talking heads from other places than here in fly-over country believe that people like my self should be run out of the party in lieu of other voter demographics. Their belief, shocklingly, is that our opinions of what used to be main-stream conservatism are some how “extreme” and hold no place in the arena of ideas.

Not to be out done, a number of conservatives see no place for people who share most of what we believe in - but not all.

This was most striking during a 2012 GOP Presidential primary in which a “moderate” Republican asked (I think) Rep Bachmann what she could do to re-assure him there was a place for his voice within the party. Instead of directly answering him and re-assuring him there were things which they could share and work together on, she launched into why the TEA party started.

These two points of view are a microcosm of what is happening on the national scene.

In the absences of real leadership which is willing to bring us together as Americans, there is a concerted effort to wipe the other side off the map.

This brings us back full circle to Democrats refusing to budge and offer any real concessions on the current “fiscal cliff.”

It should shock no one Obama and Democrat’s strategy is one of heads I win, tails you lose.

Obama said during his campaign one of his goals was to break the back of the Republican party. We (Republicans at large) are letting him, the media and Democrats execute their plans by design without so much as a whimper.

Until Republicans decide to unite and band together, as we did in the 80s and even in the 2000s, Democrats will get all the leverage they need to win the opening battles for 2014 and 2016.

We must play smarter. We must, as Matt Lewis stated, modernize not moderate.

We must not compromise principles.

Most of all there must be an understanding and patience within the grass roots, and a healing outreach from those who despise us.

Then you will see Democrats budge.

After all, if they (Democrats) demand a tax increase because of popularity, shouldnt we push for a repeal of Obamacare because of similar poll numbers?

On Akin and #mosen

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

In the last six hours the face of the Missouri U.S. Senate took a turn for the worse.

Akin, with a solid lead in the race against Claire McCaskill made a tremendous unforced error.

Representative Akin made a comment during an interview broadcast this morning that “Women who are victims of “legitimate rape” cannot get pregnant because their bodies won’t allow it.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Yes. It is THAT bad and is five face-palm worthy. It may also provide the change in the race Senator McCaskill so badly needed.

The good news is that Rep Akin was quick to respond and noted that he mis-spoke on the issue and sought to refocus the campaign on what it should be - restoring our country and replacing McCaskill in November.

The bad news is that it happened. In an election such as this we cannot afford to make silly errors like this. We simply cannot.

Now we wait for the consequences in what should have been a lock for a switch from D to R.

Let me remind those out there that unless there is some sort of  Torricelli rule, Akin is our (GOP) candidate. We cannot afford to give McCaskill an inch. Period.

This is not academic for us. It is a matter of reality.

The media is against us and will not hesitate to place the gaffe around Akin’s neck like an albatross to ensure McCaskill is re-elected. One need to look no further than how Jim Talent was treated and recent editorials by the Post-Dispatch as evidence.

Similarly this year, McCaskill gets a pass by the media on nearly every subject which she votes ion. Many of those policies are in complete opposition to our will. This includes issues ranging from the stimulus packages to Obamacare. Meanwhile McCaskill’s GOP counterparts were in a word, smeared.

To that end, what is missing from this discussion is governance and serving the will of the people. You know, the same thing our Founding Fathers envisioned. Some how that all gets glossed over.

That is why we are left with this question: Which is worse? Electing a senator who is a real rubber stamp for Obama and who voted in direct opposition to our will, or someone who makes Biden size gaffes?

You decide.

Why Ryan is a good pick as Vice Presidential candidate for Mitt Romney

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

After months of speculation Mitt Romney announced this morning that Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan is his pick as Vice Presidential candidate for the United States of America.

This pick, beyond bringing instant gravitas and credibility on the subject of debt reduction, does three very important things.

First, it unites the base like no other candidate could. What corner of the GOP tent you lay your blanket on, Ryan has your back.

It is because his bold initiatives go beyond deficit reduction. Ryan is a front line fighter with loads of substance ranging from Obamacare to yes, medicaid reform. Whats more, his arguments are not fluff. They are made of substance and not easily dismissed. They stand the tests of time.

The fact that Ryan can unite all facets of the Republican party is a huge element the Romney campaign needed. Romney, being the CEO type, simply could not find the passion. Ryan does this.

Secondly, Ryan can communicate the fact the GOP is a party of solutions, not do nothing.

Much of what the House of Representatives is doing is being drowned out tactically by Democratics. Ryan now posses a megaphone to call this out and explain the dozens of policies passed and stonewalled by the Obama Administration and Democrats in the U.S. Senate.

Ryan, given the national stage, will be able to articulate with passion what the GOP is doing in the House of Representatives to combat problems such as unemployment, deficit and federal over regulation.

Do not underestimate this. People are thirsty for limited government solutions. Many ideas were passed in Congress but held up for partisan reasons - while the President blamed Republicans for partisanship.

Finally, Ryan brings an element of experience on the national stage unparalleled given the topic of this year’s election.

Not Rubio (my favorite), Jindal, Portman or anyone else faced President Obama and various media outlets one on one  on these various topics we are facing today as Ryan did. In each of those cases Ryan proved not just skillful, but classy. This is a talent missing with many president day politicians and it proves to be perhaps the most important element.

As much as I loved Palin in 2008, it was apparent her experience in discussing energy policy on CNBC with Larry Kudlow and Maria Bartiromo did much in preparing for the peppering of questions she received.

Ryan, on the other hand, understands how to bring home the point and brings instant credibility to the debate.

In the end, while Paul Ryan is not perfect, he certainly is the man of the hour which Romney needs.

As someone posted on twitter today, Ryan is perfect fit for Mitt Romney who is the CEO, as a CFO.

The final word on Obamacare.

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Many moon ago as people piled on the Bush administration and Republicans for not tackling debt and all other sorts of evil I opined to be careful. Words mean things. Hurtful words, however true, are still hurtful and carry consequences.

The past four years are an exact fruition of self-loathing combined with perfectionism and the belief man is at the center of all solutions.

While Rome burned and good people decided to sit out an election and “give Republicans what they deserved” we arrive at this moment. A moment where our Republic is changed forever and individuals lose the ability to say no.

Obamacare was never about healthcare. Ever.

Obamacare is precisely about the government’s ability to control and regulate behavior. One need to look as far as the regulations telling physicians how and what type of treatment they can prescribe.

Skeptical? The bill is desiged to force millions off of private insurance and on to government sponsored care, while dictating what procedures will and wont be covered.

In either case the substance is academic. The point is to control people and limit freedoms and we have no one to blame but our selves.

That isnt to say the Republican party needed to self-correct or the TEA party needed to rise and take root. Both events needed to happen. At what cost?

In the end people are imperfect beings. Human nature is sinful, save any good which comes from God.

That is why the final word on Obamacare is this: Besides the fact the legislation is the modern day equivalent of the Tower of Babble, we should remember the only perfect man is Jesus Christ.

Similarly, Dont treat the Constitution as God’s word and hold men accountable as one would with the Ten Commandments. The two are distinctly different. Dont even go there.

God help us if we fail to remember those lessons and take them to heart.

We can only talk bad about our selves so long before we start believing it.

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Label this as part of my on going series how we (conservatives and Republicans) are failing to play this election cycle with any wisdom or long term strategy.

Last year was bad enough when many of us went for broke on the budget, as a pose to taking a more controlled approach, even though Democrats controlled two thirds of the government apparatus - and the media.

This year is far worse as our candidates for president choose to actively spend millions of dollars trashing each other and inflicting damage on the party and conservative cause in the primary.

If we (conservatives and Republicans) are serious about reversing the past three years and re-introducing individual freedoms as a core principle - we must not continually disarm and demoralize our selves.

I am not asking for intellectual dishonesty or to over look policy. We did much of that from 2000 to 2008 and it hurt.

I am asking for a dose of common sense and serious thought about the long term legitimacy of our movement.

Instead of energizing Americans with a passionate vision of pro-economic growth with an emphasis of individual freedoms, there is a steady drum of absolute negativity. Voters become demoralized and write off the whole process as lost and become disengaged for another cycle.

What some seemingly do not understand is that Democrats were smart in the four or so election cycles in that they did not demand free healthcare for all in 2006 or even 2008. It was only after securing the super majority in 2009.

When Democrats did over reach during the 2009-10 years they pretty much did what ever they wanted to.

Similarly, we must be smart. Instead of demanding a balanced budget amendment now, we must boil the frog and take the small wins until the pieces are in place to hit the home-run ball.

That means we on the grass roots level must be patient and work to securing the legislative pieces to promote freedom and prosperity. This means being patient.

In the mean time, our candidates must think through what they are doing to energize Americans to vote for their vision.

Be passionate. Be willing to take risks for liberty’s sake.

Regardless of what people might believe, ANY of the four candidates left in the presidential race believe in liberty and freedom far more than President Obama.

I look forward to when we can unite around a single candidate and move forward. I pray there might be enough voters who are not discouraged and understand the importance of this year’s election to take action to ensure victory this fall.

South Carolina was about…

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Contrary to belief being spun around country tonight South Carolina was not the grass roots “striking back.” Period.

Romney’s campaign, which was leading up until about a week ago, failed on an epic proportion.

Instead of continuing to explain and sell he went into prevent defense mode. Like many sports teams who use that strategy instead of playing to win, lost.

Any candidate who cannot answer simple questions like “are you willing to release your tax returns” and “what if the economy improves” deserves to get no more than single digits. Romney fared better than that and should be thankful.

To equate Newt’s sudden rise, with all his baggage and whopping sixty percent unfavorability, as the second coming of Reagan is both insulting and wrong.

Similarly, to discredit any rise in Santorum’s polling and try to narrow the race as Newt and conservatives vs Romney is equally wrong headed.

There are ten days until Florida.

Romney can either start answering questions and do some of that firing he was talking about or suffer another loss. The choice is his.

As for me, I am still undecided - and feeling pretty insulted right now at how tonight is being turned into a GOP on GOP act of aggression. Count me out.

Take your internal fights elsewhere.

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Newsflash to both GOP “establishment” and those who believe they represent “the grass roots”: You both need each other.

One reason I am completely demoralized and sickened over the past few months is best represented by what I am seeing over the past few hours.

At this point I believe neither side wants whats best for America and is only interested in what is best for their power - however limited or grand it is.

The result will be a vastly weakened front against Democrats and President Obama - which can only mean they regain control of the House of Representatives and grow what ever numbers there are in the senate. Hows that for history?

“Establishment:” Let me spell this out to you: for all the wisdom and understanding “how things work” -  you completely miss the why and in the process hurt the very people and nation you are supposed to be protecting. Trying to belittle constructive criticize and having the backs of your constituents is key.

Self appointed Grass Roots Representatives:” Let me be equally clear. Not all of us want a fight with ourselves. Not all of us are looking for perfection in candidates and get that some times you have to hold your nose and vote for the most electable person. Case in point was O’Donnell and whats her nose in Nevada. Yet if we do not act like good sheep and shake our fists on command then we are labeled as RINOs.

Both are wrong and both are picking the wrong time to fight it out.

To label Newt’s win in South Carolina as a middle finger against the establishment is a lie. Period. Quit trying to make it into something it is not.

Simply put, Romney failed on an epic proportion.

So where do we go from here? I don’t know.

I do know both sides have valid points - and yet neither side is adult enough to provide the leadership to try and bridge the gap.

What I do know is the fires I am seeing stoked tonight is precisely what Democrats and President Obama dreamed about two years ago. It is precisely why Minority Leader Pelosi is still in leadership of some form instead of  enjoying retirement.

I urge both sides to stop giving our opponents hope and start acting like real leaders. Give us a way forward.


Impressions of Gingrich - Romney - Paul - Santorum for 1/19/2011 Debate: Thoughts of wife edition.

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Day One post Perry was rough. It wasnt easy to watch Governor Perry withdraw from the race.

Much could be said by simply watching the eyes of his wife - and the kiss between the two - and the tone of Governor Perry’s voice.

Governor Perry is correct that  no one man own conservatism, and that we must all work forward to ensure its advancement, it is clear to mean that he embodies it passionately with clarity and genuineness that no one else left in the race does.

With that in mind I watched the debate last night with my wife and kids. While  side-stepping explaining what an “open marriage” is our children we listened, hoped and prayed for some hint of direction of who to support. We didnt find that direction, unfortunately.

What we did find was a sense of who they are deep down.

My wife, who sees through people far better than I do, was able to put the evening into terms which I thought I might share.  Campaigns reading this blog note: Your work is cut out for you and should take note.

Gingrich: Bully. Words were very sharp and confrontational. Not just with the moderator - but with fellow candidates.

Romney: Out for himself. Didnt answer questions directly. Not sincere.

Paul: Sorta like grandpa. Need someone younger than him to run against Obama.

Santorum: The most genuine man on the stage - but not ready for prime time. Face gets red and too easy to bother. Flustered easily.

I pressed her if she had to vote for someone tonight who would it be.

“Oh, I dont know. If I had to vote for someone it would probably be Santorum,” She waivered.

After thinking about it for a while I can see where she is coming from. I think she is right about a lot of her off the cuff analysis.

Our candidates need a bit more to work on.

I will be watching and listening. Waiting.

Open letter to Newt, Mitt, Ron and the other Rick from Perry supporter.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Let me spell this out as best I can: You want my vote, you are going to have to work for it.

I am mad as the devil at how each one of you treated Gov Perry  (and each other for that matter) during the race.

Being honest: Perry’s character and faith far outshines every single person left in this race. Dont challenge me on that notion. It is the honest to God’s truth.

I understand my candidate endorsed Newt Gingrich. That means little to me.

Nothing about you inspires me as being genuine from the soul conservatives which I wold trust the future of my kids with at this point. Period.

Want my vote? You are going to need to work for it.

Childish back and forths disgust me. I want substance. I want answers.

Lets have a long L-D style “debate” to see what you really believe and how you are able to articulate it.

When I ask a direct question - I want an answer.

Finger waving is a minus.

When the media tries to slip in an Obama talking point as a question - I want it called out for being exactly what it is: a trap - while crushing it (the question) with substance.

Most of all I dont want to be pandered to. I want to be respected and not felt as being bypassed on the way to something you - the candidate- feels entitled to.

Venture vs vulture capitalism.

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

The recent debate of what constitutes good business pratices and the obligations of an employer is a best a misunderstood thing.

Governor Perry and Newt Gingrich both referenced Governor Romney’s experience at Bain Capital. The language used was not perhaps the best, and if we are honest, it may help Democrats in the general election.

Keep in mind, as I type this, I am a hard core Perry supporter.

The problem is that there is no context to what happens in corperate America - regardless of what type of free enterprise we are discussing. I know, Ive been there personally.

Companies are free to hire and fire who they like.

Companies are for the most part free to do business where ever they like without fear of unjust government hindering.

There are reasonable but important exceptions to these points including preventing child labor, firing people due to descrimination or running a business which dumps toxins into the environment - doing harm to people and the surrounding community.

Productive workers, who put in long hours to support their family, lose their jobs due to cuts made to give the share holders of the company an extra one or two percent of profit.

Leaders doing this may pat themselves in the back and high five each other by beating the quarterly estimate, but lets not mince words, such actions are morally wrong.

This is where the disconnect happens with many people within both the Republican and conservative heirarchy and grass roots level.

To be clear, the government has no right to intercede in such affairs. No law should be made to interject society into a private industry’s internal employment concerns.

Organizational leaders would do best to abide by the motto just because you can do something doesnt mean you should.

To be fair we must note there are cases where hiring decisions bloated organizations and in order to survive cuts must be made. In those instances it is a matter of life and death of the company.

This is what Governor Romney is referencing his experience in Bain Capital.

Some times a company is taken over, trimmed down and then can move forward and grow again. Job cutting is painful but necessary.

Private industry, unlike government, cannot just make up money out of thin air to pay for its services.

Of course that brings us to what matters in the hear and now. We are currently facing is a nanny state in which the government not only tells the business, even small ones, who they can fire and fire and where they can do business.  This is what we should be focusing on during this election cycle. To do other wise is fool hardy and plays into the narrative Democrats want to run on.

This is what we should be motivating us.