Why should Obama budge on his demands?

Perhaps one of the more troubling topics I’ve seen discussed over the past two years is the strategy in confronting Democrats and President Obama on various issues.
How can we expect Congress to break the 20 percent approval rating when we demand strategies and results which only come when the GOP has the Presidency, House and [...]


On Akin and #mosen

In the last six hours the face of the Missouri U.S. Senate took a turn for the worse.
Akin, with a solid lead in the race against Claire McCaskill made a tremendous unforced error.
Representative Akin made a comment during an interview broadcast this morning that “Women who are victims of “legitimate rape” cannot get pregnant because their bodies [...]


Why Ryan is a good pick as Vice Presidential candidate for Mitt Romney

After months of speculation Mitt Romney announced this morning that Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan is his pick as Vice Presidential candidate for the United States of America.
This pick, beyond bringing instant gravitas and credibility on the subject of debt reduction, does three very important things.
First, it unites the base like no other candidate could. What corner [...]


The final word on Obamacare.

Many moon ago as people piled on the Bush administration and Republicans for not tackling debt and all other sorts of evil I opined to be careful. Words mean things. Hurtful words, however true, are still hurtful and carry consequences.
The past four years are an exact fruition of self-loathing combined with perfectionism and the belief [...]


We can only talk bad about our selves so long before we start believing it.

Label this as part of my on going series how we (conservatives and Republicans) are failing to play this election cycle with any wisdom or long term strategy.
Last year was bad enough when many of us went for broke on the budget, as a pose to taking a more controlled approach, even though Democrats controlled [...]


South Carolina was about…

Contrary to belief being spun around country tonight South Carolina was not the grass roots “striking back.” Period.
Romney’s campaign, which was leading up until about a week ago, failed on an epic proportion.
Instead of continuing to explain and sell he went into prevent defense mode. Like many sports teams who use that strategy instead of [...]


Take your internal fights elsewhere.

Newsflash to both GOP “establishment” and those who believe they represent “the grass roots”: You both need each other.
One reason I am completely demoralized and sickened over the past few months is best represented by what I am seeing over the past few hours.
At this point I believe neither side wants whats best for America [...]


Impressions of Gingrich - Romney - Paul - Santorum for 1/19/2011 Debate: Thoughts of wife edition.

Day One post Perry was rough. It wasnt easy to watch Governor Perry withdraw from the race.
Much could be said by simply watching the eyes of his wife - and the kiss between the two - and the tone of Governor Perry’s voice.
Governor Perry is correct that  no one man own conservatism, and that we must [...]


Open letter to Newt, Mitt, Ron and the other Rick from Perry supporter.

Let me spell this out as best I can: You want my vote, you are going to have to work for it.
I am mad as the devil at how each one of you treated Gov Perry  (and each other for that matter) during the race.
Being honest: Perry’s character and faith far outshines every single person left [...]


Venture vs vulture capitalism.

The recent debate of what constitutes good business pratices and the obligations of an employer is a best a misunderstood thing.

Governor Perry and Newt Gingrich both referenced Governor Romney’s experience at Bain Capital. The language used was not perhaps the best, and if we are honest, it may help Democrats in the general election.

Keep in mind, as I type this, I am a hard core Perry supporter.

The problem is that there is no context to what happens in corperate America - regardless of what type of free enterprise we are discussing. I know, Ive been there personally.